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Leicester Mercury -2013Leicester Mercury -2013
Ashwin Mody is an expert on legal issues surrounding insolvencies.  His work earlier this year on a case, which now means a bankrupt person could now be forced to draw their pension and hand it over to creditors, received national news coverage.Previously a bankrupt person’s private pension has generally been considered out of reach to any creditor looking to recoup money.  He handled claims of £1m for wrongful trading and recoveries for creditors on liquidations totalling £2m.  His team also acted in 12 administrations and liquidations.
Ashwin Mody ‘will not leave a stone unturned in order to get a result for the client”.   “In 2012, successfully settled a multi million pound share misappropriation case.
Ashwin Mody has strength in both contentious and non-contentious insolvency matters.  He advised the administrators of Schlegel Automotive (UK) and established new case law relating to the treatment of bankrupts’ pensions.
Ashwin Mody undertakes instructions with complex pensions and international elements.  In 2011, the team acted for a trustee in bankruptcy in pursuing a £1m entitlement, a case which may have significant ramifications for bankruptcy law
Ashwin Mody is a litigation expert of choice for Insolvency Practitioners, and in 2010 handled claims of £1m for wrongful trading and recoveries for creditors on liquidations totalling £2m.  The team also acted in 12 administrations and liquidations, including that of Ariel PLC