Search and Seizure Orders


If you are a solicitor who needs to obtain a Search and Seizure Order for your client, then you will be required to engage an independent Supervising Solicitor to oversee its execution.  We have lawyers who have considerable expertise in this field, having acted as Supervising Solicitors on a number of cases.  We are more than happy to be instructed at short notice.

If you are an individual or business that has been served with a Search and Seizure Order then the Supervising Solicitor will have provided you with a number of documents and will have explained the terms of the Order to you.  You then have 2 hours to seek legal advice on the documents served.  We are here to advise you further and are available at any time to speak to you.

If such an Order has been obtained, it means that a Court has been convinced that there is a case against you and/or your business and that there is a legitimate fear that evidence will be removed or destroyed by you.  The Court Order will specify who can undertake the search, between what hours of the day and exactly what evidence can be removed.  The evidence may be in hard copy form or found on computers.  It is vitally important that you take immediate advice from a solicitor that has experience in handling these types of cases.

We are here to help.